Salad Fingers Unraveled

*The following contains media that may disturb the average Joe. Viewer discretion is advised.

I don’t even have to tell you guys that my brain is wired for all things strange; I have a knack for creating theories and considering things that are just pain…odd, but nothing could have prepared me for Salad Fingers. Essentially what I witnessed in watching this piece was a little green man with creepily long fingers living in a desolate wasteland, talking to corpses and other characters that couldn’t speak back, and delighting in rusty spoons, finger puppets and cannibalism(?). David Firth, the creator of the show is a talented cartoonist, actor, broadcaster, filmmaker and musician. Or if you’re going by his Twitter bio:

Schizophrenic, crack smoking, abused, dropped as baby, lives in Grandma’s basement w/ corpses + too much time on hands. (Description by Youtube comments)