Sticky, Icky w/ Ravyn Lenae

Me:  ….. 


I always shade Youtube for throwing this jawn on my autoplay EVERY single chance they get. In all reality though I love, love, love it. The album that it comes from, Crush, is just this super sweet, yummy love cake drizzled all throughout with youthful testaments of adoration, betrayal, dedication and so on. It sounds like pineapple upside down cake for no particular occasion or drifting in your infinity pool with a glass of cold Chardonnay. It sounds like indulgence. Sticky specifically has a way of creeping through my body just like that first shot of whiskey, Honey Jack to be exact, and by :49 I’m surely in a full body roll with one leg in the air.

Of course Steve Racist Lacy produced this but I don’t even have time to care. I jam to this despite, and even more so due to the lyrics. I’m almost ashamed of the feels I get as Ravyn unravels the story of an inattentive, unappreciative partner: “Let’s play, let’s pretend, you could treat me fair.” Thank u, next. Give me sis a listen below.


#OnRepeat: Aijuswanarahp – EP

I looooove girls with big energy. I love raw chicks who have the BALLS to take up space in this economy, because Lord knows it ain’t easy. I went through a stage in middle school where I would binge music by female artists because I desperately craved content that demonstrated our strength and skill. In this way I found Noname, Jean Deaux, Kari Faux, Nicotine and so many others. Even now I find myself gravitating toward dope female artists, and right now I don’t know anyone doper than BRAX. (more…)


I must have come across Joey Purp in the process of trying shit out on Apple Music playlists, but however I arrived in this place I am grateful. Recently, I’ve had his album QUARTERTHING on repeat and it has me going. The whole piece rides through what seems like a series of rooms, that are all painted and furnished differently, but still definitely belong in the same house. (more…)

#OnRepeat: 4 Bops 4 You

Something we’ll be doing new on here is #OnRepeat – where every week I gift to you my current fixations in song form. Although some things will be mainstream, my hope is that along the way you’ll be able to cop a few new thangs.

I guess I’m on a bedroom Lo-fi kick (?) because this week’s edition is comprised of smooth jams that just make me want to lay flat on my floor and take continuous sips of Trader Joe’s sparking limeade.


Playlist: Feel Gudd

I love music the way I love books, stories and so on. If you give me a mood, occasion or even a colour I can easily think of a song to match. Music has always had a spot in my heart and a way of entering my ears, flowing through my body like a chemical, and interacting with my physical and emotional being just as any neurotransmitter would. I use it for learning and sometimes to carry me when I don’t feel particularly up to it. On that note – I use these rhythms as a form of therapy when I don’t know what to do or where to go. (more…)