Young Thug as paintings

I was in the process of perusing the Fader, one of my favorite magazines of all time, when I came across the GOAT – Hajar Benjida. Hajar is a photography student based in the Netherlands who’s a bit younger than me, but damn cooler, and she is the owner of the iconic Young Thug as paintings Instagram. When you visit the page you’ll immediately notice and hopefully smile at the short and concise bio: this is literally my school project. (more…)

Salad Fingers Unraveled

*The following contains media that may disturb the average Joe. Viewer discretion is advised.

I don’t even have to tell you guys that my brain is wired for all things strange; I have a knack for creating theories and considering things that are just pain…odd, but nothing could have prepared me for Salad Fingers. Essentially what I witnessed in watching this piece was a little green man with creepily long fingers living in a desolate wasteland, talking to corpses and other characters that couldn’t speak back, and delighting in rusty spoons, finger puppets and cannibalism(?). David Firth, the creator of the show is a talented cartoonist, actor, broadcaster, filmmaker and musician. Or if you’re going by his Twitter bio:

Schizophrenic, crack smoking, abused, dropped as baby, lives in Grandma’s basement w/ corpses + too much time on hands. (Description by Youtube comments)



I adore the morning time. I always have. My siblings used to poke fun at me and the way I could literally spring from the bed after only having woken up moments ago. This is simply because I truly enjoy her and everything she has to offer to me. The morning feels fresh and warm like wiggling your toes down into the damp parts of the soil. She holds the leftovers from the magic of the night before, when things were quiet and the human social energy was so low that the rest of the Earth had no choice but to let its voice be heard. (more…)