Sticky, Icky w/ Ravyn Lenae

Me:  ….. 


I always shade Youtube for throwing this jawn on my autoplay EVERY single chance they get. In all reality though I love, love, love it. The album that it comes from, Crush, is just this super sweet, yummy love cake drizzled all throughout with youthful testaments of adoration, betrayal, dedication and so on. It sounds like pineapple upside down cake for no particular occasion or drifting in your infinity pool with a glass of cold Chardonnay. It sounds like indulgence. Sticky specifically has a way of creeping through my body just like that first shot of whiskey, Honey Jack to be exact, and by :49 I’m surely in a full body roll with one leg in the air.

Of course Steve Racist Lacy produced this but I don’t even have time to care. I jam to this despite, and even more so due to the lyrics. I’m almost ashamed of the feels I get as Ravyn unravels the story of an inattentive, unappreciative partner: “Let’s play, let’s pretend, you could treat me fair.” Thank u, next. Give me sis a listen below.


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