This morning I wanted to write about being intentional, so sensibly I went out to source a photo to match the content. The graphic above from @subliming.jpg so graciously fell in my lap, so I’m pretty sure someone needs this today


Now, let’s talk about being intentional. Life can be a literal whirlwind, especially for those of you who are non-conformists and have chosen to release societal life maps to the wind. It’s like that tornado that flew around Franky O’s room right? Right. Sometimes it gets so messy that it’s easier to allow those waves to carry us and just “go with the flow” rather than making thoughtful decisions. And that’s all mashed potatoes and gravy until you end up in a place you’ve no idea about, doing things that make you miserable and you have to ask yourself that golden question “how the hell did I end up here?”


For those of us who have been going through life without *living* we are familiar with these feelings of confusion, emptiness, floating, and frustration with not being able to  enjoy our lives. What I ask of you is that you be intentional. Step back and take a mental picture of your life. Do you see things/people that you shouldn’t? What do you wish was there but isn’t? Now make a plan to reconcile that photo starting with the bigger picture and working backwards to the now. Why do you look for certain things in the photo and do they really add to the overall greatness of you? When you’ve done that, get a closer shot. Be detailed, and specific about your goals and current lifestyle and ACT upon them. In order to get your degree on time do you need to adjust your wake up hours by 2 hours? Do that. These adjustments won’t necessarily feel gooood, but not everything worth doing is easy to do. This is about intent, why you’re doing at all and the path you’ve chose to get there. Lastly, evaluate: not once, not twice but constantly. How’s that flick looking boo? Any more adjustments needed?


Being intentional is about being active and present in your own life. YOUR own life, not anyone else’s – we know whose name goes above the pine box. So if you owe it to anyone to do what you do everyday, better make it yourself.


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