Salad Fingers Unraveled

*The following contains media that may disturb the average Joe. Viewer discretion is advised.

I don’t even have to tell you guys that my brain is wired for all things strange; I have a knack for creating theories and considering things that are just pain…odd, but nothing could have prepared me for Salad Fingers. Essentially what I witnessed in watching this piece was a little green man with creepily long fingers living in a desolate wasteland, talking to corpses and other characters that couldn’t speak back, and delighting in rusty spoons, finger puppets and cannibalism(?). David Firth, the creator of the show is a talented cartoonist, actor, broadcaster, filmmaker and musician. Or if you’re going by his Twitter bio:

Schizophrenic, crack smoking, abused, dropped as baby, lives in Grandma’s basement w/ corpses + too much time on hands. (Description by Youtube comments)

CRACK SMOKING. Yeah, it’s already getting crazy. Somewhere between my first and second year in college someone put me on to Salad Fingers and I remember watching all ten episodes with waves of emotions just pouring over me. The first 5 episodes left me mortified, in complete shock and utter confusion, and even now having watched it multiple times I struggle to describe all that I inhaled during the day that I binge-watched the series.

I listened and I listened as little morphed characters screamed in my face, animals WERE harmed in the creation of the film and *just* when it seemed as though Firth was simply dragging me through an aggregate of nightmarish stimuli, things started to make sense. And by make sense I mean that it didn’t seem so random anymore. Everyone who has watched it through will agree that there are certainly some underlying themes and probably even a historical background to the animation; and many fans have come up with theories – one of which I’m going to share with you today. All I ask is that you first watch the animation for yourself 😉 I’ve linked you to the series as well as a fellow blogger’s explanation below.


Sulfur Reviews’ Explanation


What do you think about most?

How much I have slept and whether or not I need a drink. – David Firth 

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