#OnRepeat: 10 Freaky Gurllllz

Metro Boomin_Not All Heroes

That kid right there bursting through the flames? That’s me. I know you’re probably wondering how I got here. Last week whilst in a lil herbal circle with my pals someone posed the question: “Aye, have you heard that new Metro Boomin?” No. No I had not. My friend then proceeded to perform the notorious scroll through & pull up combo and upon hitting that play button, succeeded in exploding my head. What happened next I can only describe as pure genius. First off this sample… let’s talk about it. We cruise into the bop on the synths and sounds of 80’s Kashif. Oh so smooth Metro. 21 seconds in, a beat switch up, and we’re blessed by the artistries of Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph – socially known as 21 Savage. And he. goes. in. Notable bars are as listed:

“Need to get myself together. I’m a mess.”

“Used to use EBT to get seafood. Now I UberEats when I want Kiku.”

“Hangin off my earlobes is a ROCK. Hanging off my waistline is a GAHLOCK.”

and last, but certainly not least

“I got ten freaky girls on a yacht.” 

In this way 21 rides on this sick ass production all the way to the end where the R&B sample cuts back in as he speaks to an experience where he recently ran into someone he’d previously ran up on. And boy were they happy to see him. Somewhere in there they sprinkle the trumpets of cherubs and a spooky little number on the chorus really bringing the whole thing home. Perfection from beginning to end. This piece will be #OnRepeat until I die. Then at my funeral. Thank you.


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