#OnRepeat: Aijuswanarahp – EP

I looooove girls with big energy. I love raw chicks who have the BALLS to take up space in this economy, because Lord knows it ain’t easy. I went through a stage in middle school where I would binge music by female artists because I desperately craved content that demonstrated our strength and skill. In this way I found Noname, Jean Deaux, Kari Faux, Nicotine and so many others. Even now I find myself gravitating toward dope female artists, and right now I don’t know anyone doper than BRAX.

My introduction to BRAX was through social media, where her vibrant photos and model-type physique snagged my attention. I peeped she had a Soundcloud, but I’m the type to slide past musical links unless you’ve been recommended to me or I’ve seen some sort of indication that you’ve actually got talent. So I never payed her music any mind until one faithful day when she posted a video snippet of a freestyle she did in the studio and… immediately I was sick.

SIS CAN RAP. Boy I mean, she can really rap like… I don’t know where shorty talent cometh from but she’s tough. From that day on I literally waited and waited for her to drop *anything*, and in 2017 I got my wishes when Verse(Atility) came out. Not only did she kill every. last. beat, but she spoke on her journey dropping out of college, taking her music career seriously, the pressure from her peers and so on. BRAX’s confidence is through the roof and she doesn’t shy away from expressing that. She’s well aware of how different she is from most women in her industry and she makes it a point to notify us of that as well. In one of her songs, she mentions that every line is quotable and she kids you not.

“Bihidroppedrightouttacollege, bitch they was trippin, they was wylin.”

“I’m KINNND of a big deal. I’m KINDD of a big bitch.”

“Got no manners, I break a lotta rules.” 

These are just a few examples, but if you’re looking for your next caption, check her out fasho.

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