People Watching

“Imagine a world with no days, no tomorrow, no weekends, not even weeks”.

At this point I’m sure you all can tell that I’m a heady – a person that is obsessed with people’s heads, everything that transpires in those confines, how it connects us, divides us and transforms us. So I was genuinely excited when a few weeks ago I came across a series on Youtube called People Watching, which is comprised of a collection of narratives and discussions by animated characters. These frank discussions address everyday life, relationships and tough topics such as loneliness, growth, grief, and existence.

This episode in particular follows a character named Safra, who appears throughout the series, exploring the ideas of choice, perception and possibility. To say the least I’ve been working through some thoughts lately and this piece was in alignment. I don’t want to discuss too much because this one is more of an internalizer, and that’s what the video drop is for, but I will highlight a few takeaways.

“Part of being alive is the journey to a place where you can’t believe how far you’ve gone. That’s the beauty of not being able to see in front of you, but its the curse as well and that’s just a part of life.”

“Nobody is one thing all the time…one person is many boxes.”

“Tomorrow is another world just a few feet away.”

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