I came here today because I have something to say. 

6 years ago I made the pledge to stop eating meat, and I stuck right with it. At the time I was a fresh chicken, just a sophomore in high school, and I truly wasn’t concerned about the state of the planet or the ethical treatment of animals. My friend told me one day that she was going vegetarian and asked me if I wanted to join and I said yeah. After about a year in a half I got tired of the inconvenience of being a teenager in Georgia who couldn’t really eat fast food, so I altered my diet to include seafood, and that’s how I existed for some time but…

I EAT STEAK NOW. 3 weeks ago my Dr. informed me that I wasn’t healthy; I would need to download an app to begin counting my protein consumption as well as purchase a pack of protein dranks that would cost me $25.99 A BOX??? Hmph, really?


I never slammed my face into a box of chicken so fast. I already have so much anxiety surrounding food choices, that I really didn’t need to add another so woop there it is. I will admit, the first few days were tough. I was unimpressed by the quality, experience, and lack of effort that you carnivores expect in the preparation of your meats. My first taste of Vegan food was like returning home – the sweet potato embracing my buds like an old friend. I truly thought I would have to turn back, but alas… BBQ CHICKEN. My friend threw some well seasoned meat on the grill one night and the rest is history.

Baconbaconbacon I eat bacon everyday. And when I’m not eating bacon I’m thinking about it while crushing a burger. Carne asada, curry chicken, chicken nuggets, wings, jerky, you name it; I’m having it. You may ask why I felt the need to make this confession. Well, apparently when you make a lifestyle change you have to announce it or people are going to forever hit you with the… “YOU.. EaT.. MMEEEAaaTTT?!”

So yes, I eat steak now. AND


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