I must have come across Joey Purp in the process of trying shit out on Apple Music playlists, but however I arrived in this place I am grateful. Recently, I’ve had his album QUARTERTHING on repeat and it has me going. The whole piece rides through what seems like a series of rooms, that are all painted and furnished differently, but still definitely belong in the same house. Almost like when you go to a club that has multiple music floors, but you can get down with any one of them? The variety of tones in combination with Joey’s ability to tussle with each of them while still making it feel so easy breezy is what makes this album easily a 8 or 9 out of 10.

On songs like “24K Gold/Sanctified” the Chicago gospel jumps out with joy, and it is much appreciated. The storytelling, gratitude, love, and sense of family is cozily reminiscent of Chance and Ye, bringing you right to a secular Sunday morning. On a completely different tip you can listen to “Karl Malone” and get to trapping right out Zone 6. I literally heard this song and was like, “Future… is that you?”

I could go on and on, but in conclusion this album is a week. This is you coming home to your city, linking back with your old friends, sliding to your fav gas station for a variation of a slurpee, texting your back home baes, hitting a house party and then doing a little something that gets you in trouble. Aw Sh*t.

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