#OnRepeat: Teen Angst

angst (noun):

an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety or frustration; usually reserved for philosophical anxiety about the world or about personal freedom

I am…definitely an angsty young thang. I once said, and I quote “Is it still teen angst if you’re 21? Yes or yes?” There’s something about my fervent desire to experience life in combination with my complete and utter disgust with almost every worldly revelation I come to that just results in me being… that way. So I mean, of course I have songs that I play overrr and over when I’m deep in the angst and I’m going to share them with you. But I must warn that some of these are going to leave you feeling charged up or even worse – further in the angst. Pick your poison.


Mood: Angst… but I want to fight about it

The title speaks for this one. From the first “YEAH” that Rico Nasty drops on the track to the very last line fading into the beat this beetch BANNNNG. I must say this song doubles as a bedroom ballad as well as a club bop – the effect is exactly the same. First of all you get your frustrations out with a couple air swings and air throat punches, and secondly you also get to flex a little… I mean dawg. What else do you need?


Mood: What angst? Its aight. I’m aight.

Okay so I’ll be upfront – you’ll definitely end up deeper in the angst with Trippie Redd + Dex… I mean dayummm what do you want from me? The song features lyrical shots such as “They tried to stab me in the back”, “I got a tech on me right now” and, most often, “its aight”. 35 seconds into the song and I’m feeling like I was ALSO stabbed in the back alongside Redd due to the subtle emotion lining every bar. This is definitely a bedroom bopper as well as a moody melody you can share with your friends.



Mood: You know I love it when you’re angsty

MMMM, I’m ooping y’all a personal one from the collection. When Tyler asked “Can we add some more color? Umm, like some more…yellow?” I went crazy. I lost my nuts. UMMM HECK YES WE CAN ADD SOME. What a mind, what a request. Anywho, aside from the crazy ass erratic synth sounds, fire production, story-board visuals, listen to those lyrics dear!

I fucking hate you
But I love you
I’m bad at keeping my emotions bubbled
You’re good at being perfect
We’re good at being troubled

Definitely some feels up in there.

Mood: This could be us, but you playin’

To all my babes with a thing for alternative pieces I know I’m going to get some flack about this choice. WHILE I DO LOVE MISERY BUSINESS, it has a specific place in my heart. MB is what I’m playing at the pregame when its time to really juice the mood. That is a victory anthem okay, Hayley is with her newly claimed man, looking like a ten, on the way to go get lit.

For this reason in combination with Zac Farro talented ass and all his drumming – I must say crushcrushcrush is the perfect angsty anthem. Its a head bopper – the only requirement that really matters.

Mood: I’m 14 and making myself cry in the mirror

I really… I don’t even want to talk about it. Lol *shrugs* Now let me get out my Potential Breakup Song bag.

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