#OnRepeat: 4 Bops 4 You

Something we’ll be doing new on here is #OnRepeat – where every week I gift to you my current fixations in song form. Although some things will be mainstream, my hope is that along the way you’ll be able to cop a few new thangs.

I guess I’m on a bedroom Lo-fi kick (?) because this week’s edition is comprised of smooth jams that just make me want to lay flat on my floor and take continuous sips of Trader Joe’s sparking limeade.



Mood: Wake up feeling nice af sir, yawning glitter

Tobi Lou was gifted to me by my friend Qiara, so shoutout to Q for the gems. When I initially heard Buff Baby the excitement literally jumped out; it was like having a party erupt in my brain. As a lover of all things Adventure Time, the baby Finn reference was nothing short of magical and that paired with the playful beat and the sheer cuteness of the damn video took me all the way out.



Mood: The moody girl you see at the café whom you’ve never spoken to, but surely has it going on

At eight minutes and 6 seconds this jam is worth every moment of your time and every single repeat – just like that café girl. First of all get innnnn to this electronica/hip-hop/jazz/neo soul jam session. Secondly… oh the lyrics, oh the vocals. A perfect song, perfect mood, perfect for anytime.


Mood: Self imposed melancholy

I’ll just say flat out, I am a sad Samantha. There’s something so comforting about the blues that just crawls up in bed with you; its not the kind of overpowering sadness you want to run from, but more so the kind you’ll be able to work through by the time you have to get up and put some clothes on. This song epitomizes that melancholy – the manageable, usually self imposed thats a bit sweet to the taste.  I included this video version because again, very adorable video.


Mood: Summer fling, but you’re okay with it

I really don’t have too much to say but just wow. “Keep it short. This is peach fuzz.” Un-freaking-believable.

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