McDonald’s on Dorset

One of my friends recently asked on Instagram, quite intelligently I might add, “yall ever think about your thoughts, lmao?” (s/o to @troythedesigner). I felt that. Honestly, the only thing that I ever truly think about is my own thoughts; their content, speed, range, origins, the transitions between them and everything else in between. My brain – in all of its essence and brain juice – is just too marvelous for me to pass up the analysis. I liken it to theatre. Some times its on script, sometimes it resembles more of a “Whose Line is it Anyways?”, but no matter what there’s always music. For this reason I’ve always longed to share my brain with other people, like to literally open up the top, plug it into a projector and just *wahla*.

Image result for brain being projected

Sounds cool right? Well I’m not quite in the position to peel my muffin cap back blue, so in the absence of reliable brain projector technology I made this blog. Its like a narrative, or rather a transcript of my mind! The blog is loosely formatted like, but heavily inspired by artist, Princess Nokia, who curates her own radio show on Beats 1. The radio show ,”The Voices in My Head”, incorporates music that has inspired her past and present, discussions about virginity, beauty standards, and whatever else she cares to include. I believe that her content resonates with me heavily because like Princess Nokia, I too am a creator *cringes* who values the art in not only absorbing, but being inspired by content, creating, recreating and transforming – all of which will be done on this blog.

On any given day you all can catch me serving you a sick new playlist that will get you through your Monday blues, esoteric art that I’ve plucked from the internet spaces or even a lil fireside chat I’ve filmed of me and my best pals. So check back here if you’re interested in this variety show!!

Oh, and this is Carla at McDonald’s on Dorset because she’s always on my mind.

McScuse Me?

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