To an intimate, loogie hock of art and philosophy. Everything curated/written for me, by me… because well, that’s the only way this is going to work. As if its not obvious enough my name is Sunnnnnn and I’m 21 years old, spookly + sparkly, and a mess. I enjoy anything where I can consume good content, which naturally ends up either the focus of or inspiration for the things I create. 

I write this blog for relief, I have one of those brains, those zany brainy brains and I have to just spit it out. I also have a nack for story telling which is my main means of communication. A few years ago I started truly dedicating myself to being a vessel for discussion and innovation and I haven’t stopped since. In whatever ways I can I have dedicated myself to a life of spreading new ideas, catapulting folks from comfortability and starting conversation. Utilizing song shoutouts, playlists, art pieces, intimate chats and just flat out blurbs of… things I’m hoping to portray at least a fraction of my mindspace. Get comfortableeee.